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Launch day is getting close, we are less than a month away! The book is at press, Prints and Art Cards are here and framing for the 31 originals created for the book is being arranged. Click here to read more on all of that. Coincidentally, April is National Poetry Month so watch for daily shares here and elsewhere on social media. To learn more about THAT interesting story, click here.

Planning for the different launch events is being finalized and falling into place. If you are new here and  just hearing about Paint & Prose, A Way Finder’s Meander, Click Here to download your pdf invite to our free community launch event. It’s coming up fast and I hope to see you there! 

Breathing A Book Into Being

Paint & Prose is currently at press! A show, sale and launch of the original works and book will take place at Westland Gallery in London next month! 
Paint & Prose, A Way Finder’s Meander is an upcoming volume by low vision artist Erica Dornbusch. Images and words evoking sacred stories and a mindful connection to self and setting.  Through Paint & Prose, you’ll be nudged to connect with your own sacred stories; a childhood joy, someone’s loving touch or a long forgotten scent of summer.
My desire is for this book to resonate as an affordable means to collect art and story, that fosters a meaningful and mindful connection to self, setting and community.

Your support has been integral in the
actualization of this dream! 

I must say here how grateful I am for every bit of encouragement, behind the scenes support, feedback, and help I, and this book have been gifted. Thank you for breathing belief. I can’t wait to put these pages of joy in your hands in return! Stay tuned for more launch news and details.
You can now preorder your book here.

Currently Showing at Westland Gallery 
Women’s Day Exhibition

March 5th – 23rd
Opening Reception: International Women’s Day – Friday March 8th, 7-9 p.m.
Artist Talk: Wed March 13th 7 pm

I’m honoured to be showing along with many talented women artists from around London and area. Check out show details and the works here.

Erica Dornbusch ~ The Gathering Tree ~ Acrylic on birch panel, 48×24″
The Gathering Tree

"We travel long, 
right through the storms. 
Sometimes we meet; 
you coming in, 
me going out. 

We are not always certain 
which is You then; 
or Me now – with 
the breath of each of us remembered. 

Often we pass through 
one another, silent and honourably bowed. 

Today, we will meet 
at the Gathering Tree 
and clasp each other closely. 

I will ask you, “Tell me, 
how far you have traveled?” 
and “Are you weary?”

© Erica Dornbusch 2019



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