Resurrection Moss

(WIP) Resurrection Moss, acrylic 48×60″

Resurrection moss is a type of plant that hibernates in times of stress, most often due to a lack of moisture. In Southern Utah it occurs in profusion on the red rock of the area, making the cliffs look ‘dirty’ in its dormant state. Then when it comes into contact with moisture, it blooms vividly and lushly within a matter of moments. The emerald green against the red rock is a verdant sight to behold.

My dearest and I spent our winter break hiking the area and witnessed several of these blooms as a result of an uncommon amount of precipitation. We had an astonishing and expansive time playing outside on the rocks and cliffs. I couldn’t wait to get back to my studio to try to paint what I was seeing and experiencing.

Except, Welp; life was right there on our return and while I’ve had a couple studio days in between Life Stuff, they somehow weren’t the days of inspired brush dipping I envisioned… nope not. I felt boxed in and dried up on the small canvases I already had going and the new ones felt tight and restrained. Where was the space and tone that we’d been living in and I’d rushed back to relay? Not here in these pieces…. ha ha

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Not Not Painting but Not Painting

“Well, I have not been Not Painting while I’ve been Not Painting”

His eyes widened for a moment while he considered this.

“Ok”, he said momentarily, “I think I get you grammatically. Can you say more?”

We were outside, standing just off the trail in a deep forest off Northeys Bay Rd, near Lakefield, ON. ( We went outside in July and essentially came back inside in August at violet hour, when the end of summer streetlights came on and called us home. )

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Pop Up Post Show

This morning towards the end of my morning run, I came upon this random pop up art exhibit on a utility pole.

What a delight to stumble upon!

I loved the oddly juxtaposed mix of anatomical whimsy and various fasteners and hardware.

I don’t know who the artist is, so can’t give credit or find out more about them sadly.

There is never nothing going on…


Growing Stories








“I got one I got one!”
“Wow, what a fish!!”

He got away,
Their palpable disappointment
Washed across the water

But that rock bass, in getting away,
got to become a giant
“Did you see how huge he was?”
“He was the biggest fish ever!”

Young boys editing life on the fly;
Loss flipping quickly to a hero’s tale

“Did you see how huge he was?”
“He was the biggest fish ever!”
“A giant!”
“Wait til we tell everyone!”

Listening to Crows

We headed out together, to run

Him; an hour, training at tempo

me, 45 relaxed; if I felt it…

Up to the highway in company;

jostling, chatting, planning.

Then he hit pace And turned right

Where the limo with the antler mount is parked

I followed, briefly entertaining the idea of trying to catch him

just to see what was in my legs, and his smile.

But a sudden caw-caw-phany

Stopped me in my tracks,

and on he flew away

on his own course.

Here, a murder of crows was talking insistently

in the trees above this sign.

Can you believe it?


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You got to slow down and mind how you go….

The Lodge at The Lakehouse on Pigeon Lake is our home base for the next weekish.
It’s perfect. Whimsical and lovely and just what’s needed. I am often tough on myself for being a turtle in a hare world… This morning we discovered this guy… His tune is one my girls and I used to sing together and it’s a perfect reminder that being a turtle is actually the objective these days. Isn’t he great? I love how he snaps.

You got to slow down and make time for you….

Turtle time

These are busy times…

And exciting

and kind of a little skeery, when I stop to think

Visual Fringe is in full swing…
Hosted by London Fringe Festival, it runs June 1–11 at The Arts Project, 203 Dundas Street
( I’ll be painting onsite at The Arts Project on Saturday June 4th from 12:30 – 4:30, If you’re downtown, come by and say ‘hi’ )

The Square Foot Show and my own solo show at the Westland Gallery are both coming up this month!


Hope to see you




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Easing into 2016





If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity.
~ Xun Zi


Are you a resolution setter? Or is part of your New Year practice to select a guiding word for the year? My approach for the past several years has included choosing a focus word, doing a general review and some planning ahead with a nod to my core desired outcomes and feelings. This year I had the space and time to delve in more deeply and so for 2016 I created a more intentional practice. I added more structure around the sort of haphazard ways I typically welcome the new year and it turned into a deeply meaningful solo retreat; mostly spent in silence, mindfully planning and compassionately reviewing and being present in my intentions.

I gathered my talismans, some solidly seated questions I wanted to answer and my planner. I also worked in a bunch of fun intuitive journaling exercises, some run time, a couple of yoga sessions and a soak in the tub with a Lush bathbomb I’ve been hoarding for forever.

As I worked through my Qs for the year ahead like: How do you want to move through your year? What do you want to create for yourself, What are your goals and how do you plan to arrive there, my word began popping up right away. I realized I’ve been working at creating more ‘ease’ for some time.

I’ve been narrowing my focus to painting and moving away from design projects. It’s long been time to be at ease in my turtle shell around my naturally methodical way of getting things done and I deeply crave more ease around showing up and being seen.

My big AHA was seeing that creating ‘ease’ might actually mean more planning ahead in some cases, and showing up just as I am in others.

So I’ll keep showing up as my sometimes shy, socially awkward self and easing off in my concerns around disappointing others, or fears around judgement or looking like an ass. I’ll be making choices in the interest of what best serves all concerned in any given situation with less girding for complications. I’ll be carving more time out for planning ahead And I’ll keep painting towards mastery.

Well, I’ll be easing into it all, anyway.

Happy New Year




Thirty One EveryDay Deities


Thirty One EveryDay Deities Exhibit

Last month I embarked on a 30 Day Painting Challenge. As an artist losing my vision, I decided to set my challenge parameters around developing my intuitive vision. I’ve actually always worked this way, but as things progress I’ve begun using my inner sight more and more in my work.

Since I’ve begun putting my work out there in a new way, I wanted to practice getting comfortable with my process. So I asked for thirty real life volunteers, and was amazed by the response from more than eighty people of varying degrees of familiarity. I made my list from the volunteers in the order they put their hand up ( and added one because he was a bit of a funny monkey about it ) and spent the next thirty days painting the essential loveliness of my subjects on 12×12 canvases with acrylics. A painting a day; their colour, energy, and spirit, as I intuitively interpreted it.

I posted my efforts daily and was amazed by the growing interest and feedback. As the collection of posted pieces grew, I started thinking about how much I’d like to see them all together as a group and the next thing I knew, I was thinking about a show. Others who were following along began to suggest the same idea. And so, as of this posting, a show is in the offing!

If you’re local, I’d love you to come and See.
Please join me Thursday July 30th
at the London Fringe Festival Theatre
207 King St., London,
Opening Reception: 7-9
w/ refreshments

Friday July 31st: 11-4 Artist in attendance
Saturday August 1: 12-4 Artist in attendance
Sunday August 2, Monday August 3: closed
Tuesday August 4, Wednesday August 5: business hours