Thirty One EveryDay Deities


Thirty One EveryDay Deities Exhibit

Last month I embarked on a 30 Day Painting Challenge. As an artist losing my vision, I decided to set my challenge parameters around developing my intuitive vision. I’ve actually always worked this way, but as things progress I’ve begun using my inner sight more and more in my work.

Since I’ve begun putting my work out there in a new way, I wanted to practice getting comfortable with my process. So I asked for thirty real life volunteers, and was amazed by the response from more than eighty people of varying degrees of familiarity. I made my list from the volunteers in the order they put their hand up ( and added one because he was a bit of a funny monkey about it ) and spent the next thirty days painting the essential loveliness of my subjects on 12×12 canvases with acrylics. A painting a day; their colour, energy, and spirit, as I intuitively interpreted it.

I posted my efforts daily and was amazed by the growing interest and feedback. As the collection of posted pieces grew, I started thinking about how much I’d like to see them all together as a group and the next thing I knew, I was thinking about a show. Others who were following along began to suggest the same idea. And so, as of this posting, a show is in the offing!

If you’re local, I’d love you to come and See.
Please join me Thursday July 30th
at the London Fringe Festival Theatre
207 King St., London,
Opening Reception: 7-9
w/ refreshments

Friday July 31st: 11-4 Artist in attendance
Saturday August 1: 12-4 Artist in attendance
Sunday August 2, Monday August 3: closed
Tuesday August 4, Wednesday August 5: business hours



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