These are busy times…

And exciting

and kind of a little skeery, when I stop to think

Visual Fringe is in full swing…
Hosted by London Fringe Festival, it runs June 1–11 at The Arts Project, 203 Dundas Street
( I’ll be painting onsite at The Arts Project on Saturday June 4th from 12:30 – 4:30, If you’re downtown, come by and say ‘hi’ )

The Square Foot Show and my own solo show at the Westland Gallery are both coming up this month!


Hope to see you




I went into the woods and came upon moon already walking there…
filling her pockets with stories, every leaf etched with one
The collected koans made small silver rushes as she gathered them;
breathing bells of delight or singing out in joy filled surprise
Some wept

Moon’s light shape floated around trunks,
finger-tracing the tented trees
Promenading across living mossy carpet

And moon showed me you too, passing through the woods.
Though your chapters are long full and praises all sung,
I still knew you by your shadow under Moon’s gaze

And when, that whole volume complete,
I understood the purpose of the night
I left the woods and went back out across the field

Words and images by 
Erica Dornbusch 

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