Listening to Crows

We headed out together, to run

Him; an hour, training at tempo

me, 45 relaxed; if I felt it…

Up to the highway in company;

jostling, chatting, planning.

Then he hit pace And turned right

Where the limo with the antler mount is parked

I followed, briefly entertaining the idea of trying to catch him

just to see what was in my legs, and his smile.

But a sudden caw-caw-phany

Stopped me in my tracks,

and on he flew away

on his own course.

Here, a murder of crows was talking insistently

in the trees above this sign.

Can you believe it?


Of course I went that way

I am wired to wander.

and to listen to crows of coincidence.

Three miles, one car

then this


One more mile and this beach,


Across the way from this


I stopped where the road went on

with somone else’s’ name on it

Beyond this short bridge

And this crow.


I unwound my steps

well filled and grateful.

Later after telling my story

and showing him the spot,

we drove past Moon Line,

“I wonder what’s down there?”

he smiled at me;

everything in those eyes.

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