Vivid Alliances: Shoreline Discourse at Big Bald Lake

Each day for the duration of Vivid Alliances, now on at the Westland Gallery,
I’ll pair and post a painting detail with a piece of original prose

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Shoreline Discourse at Big Bald Lake
Shoreline Discourse at Big Bald Lake ~ ~ Acrylic, 16×24”

Shoreline Discourse at Big Bald Lake

I’m tracing the edge of where the lake wanders up to the shore

As I watch, it pokes a finger of reflective inquiry into the reeds
around my shins, then waits

As in any conversation where give and take occurs
my wading deeply into the nuanced whys and what abouts
amid the comings and goings of theoretical speculation
causes a complicated shadow play

so I am careful that I am listening to hear
and not to prepare my answer

For your drawing is already perfect
and the telling of it as it is

a gift

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