Vivid Alliances: Kawartha Hay Rolls

Each day for the duration of Vivid Alliances, now on at the Westland Gallery, I’ll pair and post a painting detail with a piece of original prose

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Kawartha Hay Rolls ~ Acrylic ~ 20×30″

There’s this barn off Mill Line road set shyly back from the road, in behind a tall spruce hedge and a crooked split rail fence. A small rolling field washes up from the fence to the barn’s fieldstone foundation, a small dusty lake of August froth. I skirt the fence, and tiptoe in, tousling the Queen Anne’s lace along the hemline, shaking out buzzing bugs and rattling seed pods. I’m pulled in to where I know I have no clearance to wander, by an ethereal light that burnishes the edges of each body in this rolled hay installation. Late Summer Ontario Afternoon Sun blithely working the tops of these rolled bales with gold leaf, no one but me to see this mastery of light divinely hewn…

Is it just for joy

That it shines this way?

sol lucet omnibus

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