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FUSE90: Erica Dornbusch
I suppose it is ironic that I am a visually impaired artist who is working through resistance towards the idea of Being Seen in my pursuit of seeing and recording what I see without seeing. I suppose it is, and it also doesn’t matter, this is just my journey. We all have a storied journey. . .

Nick Scott is a talented maker of commercial and promotional content for broadcast. A while ago he invited me to be featured as one of the area creatives he profiles in his FUSE90 series for LondonFuse, a digital arts, music, and lifestyle publication.

I was nervous about it, and I said yes since I am practicing how to meet my resistance and do things anyway. And because I’d like to be able to say at the end of things, “I was always in wonderment and I made a living at expressing that wonder.” ( And yes, there is also a little ‘just watch me’ kick here to those who do not believe in that possibility for me or other creatives. )

So anyways, Nick simply came and set up his kit in my studio for an initial conversation about my vision and process and role models and other things. And then he invited me to pick up my brushes and ignore his camera. I truly forgot he was there as I fell into conversation with my paints.

Then he went away and created this lovely flowing piece. I love that its pace is slow and thoughtful and that the background slips in and out of focus. How it’s contemplative and querying in tone, reflecting my dance with my canvas. That it’s a little dreamlike and saturated with wondering and that there are no real conclusive answers. It’s a good portrait of me and I feel very honoured to have been seen this way.

Thank you so much Nick, and LondonFuse.

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