A Chromatic LIfe

Please join us for:
A Chromatic Life

A showing of recent works by:


Westland Gallery
September 18th – October 13th, 2018

Reception: Both artists in attendance. Friday September 21st, 7 pm
Artist Talk with Erica: Wednesday October 3rd, 7 pm

Creek Bend Study, Acrylic, 24×12”

ANNA CLAREY on her works in this collection:

“Escaping the big city and reconnecting with nature is good for the soul. All of the inspiration for my work is drawn from my camping trips in Ontario’s cottage country.  Canada’s raw beauty is breathtaking and so unlike the manicured beauty of the English countryside where I grew up.

Algonquin Park is especially magical and inspiring to me.  It is my favorite place in the world and I try to get up there every year.  When I do, I take hundreds of photographs, then recreate and interpret my vision onto canvas in my home studio in Toronto.

I favour acrylics because they are bold and fast drying, allowing me to work using layers to highlight the contrasts of sunlight and shadow.”



As a visually impaired artist with extreme light sensitivity, I maintain a wary association with light. While I love to gaze into it and know how it shifts what it touches; it can actually cause pain to do so.

My works for “A Chromatic Life,” portray light as a physical and metaphorical topic. I am enthralled by both Outside Light in its physical permutation (especially in nature) and The Light Inside, (any unseen source).

As painters, we create the illusion of physical light by representing it as contrast with shadow or variations in value and colour on a two dimensional surface. Mood and story are affected by the impression of implied light source; be it directional, ambient, diffuse, or reflective. Too, how the intersection between subject and shadow is described will bring complexity and meaning to a work.

Painted light might also imply metaphor, unbound by its natural physical properties. Symbolically the use of light imagery might bring deeper meaning and emotion where effulgent light is used to convey spiritual illumination or wisdom. Some of my pieces explore the threshold between these two iterations of light. ​

Please join us for the reception if you can

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