Creek Bend Study

Tonight is the reception for A Chromatic Life, featuring my and Anna Clarey’s work at Westland Gallery in London ON. Anna and I, along with Westland Gallery are very excited to share this collection celebrating the Ontario landscape that we spend so much time in! I hope to see you in person if you are close enough to attend tonight or at other times during the show, which runs September 18th – October 13th. If you are a far flung friend, you can view the collection online:

Show details here.

During the show’s run, I’ll be sharing several of my pieces from the collection along with some thoughts around each. You are most welcome to follow along and comment here on my blog, or elsewhere on social media if we are connected.

This is Creek Bend Study. (This piece has been sold)

Creek Bend Study, Acrylic, 24×12”

I find the deepest bliss when I step out of my own biography and melt into a landscape quietly and for long enough that everything is forgotten. If I imagine myself without edges or needs beyond breathing and being, at some point I will be neatly enveloped by my surroundings. And then the din of being outside takes itself up again and I am delightfully ignored.

“I have no business at this bend, having left all of it at home. Gift me by paying me no heed. Allow me in the natural luxury of this spot to be in your buzzing, blooming, breathing and babbling. Take me up freely into your rhythms and fold me into the beat of your creek bend heart.”

About the show:
A Chromatic Life
Anna Clarey & Erica Dornbusch

September 18th – October 13th
Reception: Friday, Sept. 21st at 7 pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 pm

Westland Gallery
156 Wortley Road
London, ON
N6C 3P5

T: 1-519-601-4420

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