The reception for A Chromatic Life at Westland Gallery this past Friday evening was busy and wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing people comment on their response to the juxtaposition between Anna Clarey’s work and my own. Many reflected on the very different ways our brushes visually described our common themes, yet noting a shared deep reverence for the subject.

A Chromatic Life runs until October 13th. If you are not local to London, you can view the collection online:

Show details here.

During the exhibition, I’ll be sharing images and related pieces of prose around some of my works. Your thoughts and comments are welcome here on my blog, or elsewhere on social media if we are already connected. If not, please feel free to reach out!

This is Threshold (sold).

Threshold, Acrylic, 60×36″ This piece has been sold

“Every walk into the sunrise through any humble gap in the woods can feel like a pilgrimage. Before entry, we pause in the shadow at the threshold and gather the pieces of light to us as into an empty bowl. We lift and wonder at each one, knowing that filling up with them will not weigh anything down. Maybe these are flying lessons.”

About the show:
A Chromatic Life
Anna Clarey & Erica Dornbusch

September 18th – October 13th
Artist Talk: Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 pm

Westland Gallery
156 Wortley Road
London, ON
N6C 3P5

T: 1-519-601-4420

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