A Chromatic Life continues at Westland Gallery until October 13. During the span of the show, I’m sharing images and prose around some of my works.

You can view the full collection of A Chromatic Life online here.


Like every woman in my life, she has traveled a billion steps from where she began. She has marked her row with grief and growth, joy and despair-filled prayer, to find herself here. Standing in the strength of her own bones; quiet with wonder at an unabating beauty. Her courage is rooted in walking right into the most unbearable shadows and tending them with compassion. She binds her own bones first for herself, and then in concentric circles outwards, for the collective.

Homefield, Acrylic on panel, 24×30”

A Chromatic Life
Anna Clarey & Erica Dornbusch

September 18th – October 13th
Artist Talk: Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 pm

Westland Gallery
156 Wortley Road
London, ON

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