The launch chapter of Paint & Prose: A Way Finder’s Meander

You know, I still can’t quite believe that this book idea got its real pages and was actually breathed and believed into being. 

Photo by Chris Montanini, Editor | The Londoner

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have wonderful people in our circle who can both see our vision and are with us, even when things go sideways (as things invariably do). I am so grateful to my Westland Gallery team who rolled with me and helped keep every single wonky thing that happened leading up to the publication date, figure-out-able.

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With Karen and Al Stewart, owners of The Art Exchange & Westland Gallery
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With Danielle Hoevenaars, Associate Director, Westland Gallery on the set of What’s Up London, Rogers TV

Figure it all out, we did, and the next thing I knew; a skid of beautifully produced books arrived from Friesens Corporation, Manitoba! The team at Friesens was tremendous to work with. Between the printing and finishing, and the vision and talent of designer, Wendy Reid, and the top notch attention to scanning demonstrated by Mercury Blueprinting, I could not be happier with the production quality of this book. 


And then, Launch Week itself! What fun, it was truly a blur of reading and signing and the show and media and connecting. It was such a whirlwind that I didn’t get many photos of the fun. But here are a few, mostly borrowed from others, of some of the events. If you were there and have photos, I’d love to see them!
Since then, I’ve been busy gathering threads to tie up. There are still numbers to report on, self-care to rebalance and commissions to fulfill. But book pre-orders and Kickstarter rewards have almost all gone out and happy delivery photos and messages are beginning to trickle in. (Thank you, I love seeing these!)

IMG 9107
My Canada Post receipt was more than 7 feet long…

Thank you so much for being there, whether in person or virtually, all along the way. There were many moments of connection that I feel very very rich for and will not soon forget. I have tucked those away to savour and treasure.

I cannot yet begin to speak to what this ride has been like. I will say that I have felt a foundational shift and there will be definitely some deep unpacking to do soon when I am floating under the desert moon and stars with my love, and have some time and space to reflect. I promise to take you with me in my soul’s pocket and send you back some bits of desert magic.

Though I’ll be away for a bit, books can still be purchased online or in person exclusively through Westland Gallery, and you can see the remaining framed originals upstairs in the apARTment. 


Special thanks go out to my three main loves, my dear heart circle/fellow meanderers, and Mamma Tree. I am so grateful for the kindness of Lynne Davis, the tremendous input of Katy Takaoka and Dawn Lyons and the support of both the Ontario Arts Council and the London Arts Council through the City of London’s Community Arts Investment Program.

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