WORKSHOP OFFERINGS: The Art in Creative Play

The Art in Creative Play
with Erica Dornbusch
Hosted By: Westland Gallery London ON
A Full Day Workshop, Monday March 23rd 9am-4pm

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Dear One Of A Kind You!

I want to invite you over for a creative playdate at Westland Gallery.
And, no – you don’t have to be an artist to attend! I promise you will find deep value in spending time in creative play and self expression even if you are not a practising artist.

Our Own Stories Honoured, Can Rejuvenate And Inspire Us

Drawing from my own art making journey and mindfulness practice, I’ve created a program that will help you restore, celebrate and reconnect you to your own beautiful narrative.

The Art In Creative Play

Limited seats are still available for this full day workshop. I’m inviting just eight participants to spend a day connecting with their creative selves in a playful and mindful series of art-making exercises.

This participatory day long session will invite you to deep dive into expanded ways of connecting with yourself and others. A playful directive will invite you in to loosen up and engage your intuitive core and unique creative voice in a variety of personal and safe group exercises.

Our day together will open in circle with a bit of sharing and exploring some Intention Setting and Meditation/Visualization Exercises. Projects for the day will centre around setting and illustrating a personal mantra, and a narrative self portrait to take home and hang in your space. Plus, together, we will create a group manifesto for living that you will receive as a printable pdf after the workshop.

The Details


What To Bring:
Your lunch.
Supplies to be provided.
A willingness to dive in to some mindfulness exercises and your own personal work. (Please note, as a group it will be vital for all of us to be willing to ‘honour the witness’ during our day. I’ll expand on this point when we are together.)

To register:
Call or email Westland Gallery
T: 1-519-601-4420
156 Wortley Rd
London, On N6C 3P5

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