Outside Being

Light always issues an invitation to ponder something, and sometimes answers are found inside by simply being outside.

The pieces in my most recent collection narrate the need for connectedness with ourselves and our environment and depict a grace that can always be found even in difficult cycles.

Slowing down to more simply being, while often very hard can bring us solace, new resilience and space to delight in the light that is at hand.

This series examining recent stories of light encountered, was originally intended for a May solo exhibition with Westland Gallery in London, ON BC-19 (Before Covid-19).

While we could not have foreseen the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in globally; these pieces still suggest a timely way to more slowly be in this moment, while we work through what life might look like after ‘all of this’.

In navigating a gradual re-opening with beautiful flexibility, Westland Gallery has pre-released several pieces from this series and announced a modified exhibition schedule. I am delighted to share that I will be showing with London artist Donna Andreychuk at Westland Gallery this September. The exhibition will run September 1 – 19 and will be structured to reflect conditions at that time, so please do stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, please check out the full collection below and  and enjoy this video that my talented niece created with the aim to bring the pieces more tangibly to life for you.

Stay well, be safe & 
keep leaning in. 

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