Artist Statement

Erica Dornbusch, Artist Statement

Being visually impaired since birth means I have become well versed in secondary methods of observation. My senses have always felt inextricably intertwined. And as my vision further shifts, I become more and more fascinated by the science of seeing and the softer concept of perception.

None of us has the same visual perspective, for no human eye will ever see the same. We do not see the truth of things as they are; rather, as we ourselves are. Further, we are also affected by our experience of the thing we observe. Our feelings about it & our story of it are processed into ‘seeing’. Looking with our whole sense of being, means inviting a more profound and faceted witnessing of the things we look at.

Whether it be landscape, abstract or figurative, working loosely and quickly with acrylics, I initially block in large areas of light and colour; always remaining present to the unfolding story. As the piece progresses, I step back often and work in partnership with the canvas as it begins to take on its own voice. Light, colours and specific mark making will be called for and I’ll often find that the finishing layer of marking will feel like written prose finishing off the narrative.

I hope to evoke a deep and meaningful connection for the viewer in each piece. I strive to share the hum of the universe I experience when I’m outside.

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