30 Days of Intuitive Portraits

30 Days of Intuitive Portraits


Along with a tribe of other artists led by mentor/artist Jeanne Bessette, I embarked on a 30 Day Painting Challenge spanning the month of June. As a low vision artist experiencing further degeneration of my vision, I decided to set my challenge parameters around developing my intuitive vision. I’ve actually always done this, but as things progress I’ll be using my inner sight more and more in my work.

Since I’ll be putting my work out there in a new way, I wanted to practice getting comfortable with my process around this idea and asked for real life volunteers. I was amazed by and grateful for the response and for the next thirty days I created a daily painting, portraying thirty Facebook connections of varying degrees of familiarity. Visually representing their colour, energy, and spirit as I saw it. I worked on 12×12 canvases, one a day from start to finish. I posted the resulting piece daily along with a written version of my ‘reading’ as well.

As the collection of posted pieces grew, I started thinking about how
much I’d like to see them all together as a group and the next thing I knew, I was thinking about a show. Then others who were following along began to suggest the same idea. And so, as of this posting, a show is in the works!

Over my next couple of posts I’ll share a bit of what I took away from this exercise and report on what happens as I take on planning a show for the first time. eep.

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